Smoq Pawt.. meow

White Berry Kush 🍁😍

wake n bake 😛

Fat blunts spice up a regular day
uglyvandal asked:
that whole argument with that little minded bird got me so heated and I'm not even involved in any sort of way lol.

don’t let here upset you, she is an idiot who does not deserve our time and frustration. She is doing it all for attention.

stonerr-princess asked:
i really hope that asshole didn't report you so you can continue to enjoy the countless benefits of everyone's favorite herb <3

nahh I don’t think she did, even if she tried, what would she say? “hey pollice? There is a girl on Tumblr who is posting pictures of her smoking weed!” ?? So are thousands of other people XD 

New dabber ✨🙌